Kate Winslet is a Huge Film Icon


The lovely film and television artist, Kate Winslet, was born in 1975 in Reading, Berkshire, England, UK, to a barmaid and a swimming pool contractor. She began studying acting at age eleven and twenty years later, at the age of thirty-one, became the youngest woman to have ever earned five Oscar nominees. Currently, Kate has been nominated for forty-eight, and won fifteen awards, including an Emmy, a Grammy, and four Golden Globe Awards.  And as any Kate Winslet pictures show, she is spectacularly beautiful.


Winslet’s first acting job, at the age of twelve, was in a commercial, however in her teens she appeared in over twenty plays. Her television debut was in a BBC show and from there she stared in several Movies, including “Sense and Sensibility, with Hugh Grant.” Perhaps her most famous movie, “Titanic” (1997), with Leonardo DiCaprio, is where she stole the hearts of millions.


A mother of three, Mia Honey (age 16), Joe Alfie (13), and Bear Blaze (3), Kate seems to be able to balance her career and her family life. Though the children all have different fathers, they all live with their mother and according to Kate, they all get along and are very helpful. She was pretty young when her first daughter was born and she was thirty-eight when she gave birth to her son Bear, though raising a small brood, she continued to act in several well known, and some not so well known movies.

In the hearts of movie goers, Kate Winslet is an all time favorite and will be for years to come.  She’s been in a lot more than just one of the best 90s teen movies of all time, but we still love her most for Titanic.