Portrait Of A Mover And Shaker In The Business World

There is an old saying that goes, “fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” This principle holds true in many different walks of life, but there are times where experience can break this mold.

Timothy Armour is the CEO of Capital Group, and he has cultivated the experience to dive into rough waters and emerge unharmed on the other side.

This is one of the reasons why he elected to respectfully disagree with one of the Titans in the investing world, the Oracle of Omaha himself Warren Buffett. In Buffett’s recent letter, he seemed to extol the virtues of active investments, and Armour respectfully disagreed with that. For Armour, it’s not about active or passive, it’s about delivering decent, low-cost investment returns.

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Armour believes that passive index funds have their place, but they are risky in a down market. He also believes that there simply isn’t a crystal that will tell the average investor what investments will outperform. Armour continues to recommend that investors place their confidence in funds with low expenses and those with high owner management as well.

Because of his experience, Armour has a tendency to go against the grain in other ways. For example, he believes that not only is the election of Donald Trump a good thing for the country but it is a good thing for the markets as well. He foresees a new era of economic prosperity because of Trump’s election as the 45th President. Is Armour right this time? Judging from his past successes and experience it is more than likely.

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The Charitible Acts Of Highland Capital

Highland Capital is one of the most prominent and successful places that people can go to. However, it is not just the amount of money it has made while it has been in business. It is the amount it has donated in order to help with the community that makes it as successful as it is. For one thing, people look at businesses on the basis of what it can get from the business as opposed to what it can do for the business. James Dondero understands this type of view. This is why he does everything he can to help others in his community.


Highland Capital Management has been involved in many different charitable acts. Among the more recent and notable acts of charities are $1 Million challenge grant to The Family Place, donations to nonprofit foundations in the Santa Barbara County, and a partnership with The Dallas Foundation in order to improve the communities of Dallas. James Dondero is one of the successful businessmen and investors that have a heart for people who are in many different circumstances. He also has a desire to meet the different needs that are found in the community. He does not just want success for himself. He wants others to experience the luxuries that success brings them.


Highland Capital is a financial company that takes on many different tasks in order to help their clients. This firm is run by financial experts and experienced investors. They have used their expertise in order to increase the amount of money they have. James Dondero has shown a lot of business expertise in the decisions he makes. He is someone that other investors could learn from when it comes to making money. He gains large returns on investments and puts them to many good purposes for his company and other entities in his community.