Tony Petrello Is an Oil Industry Giant

One of the biggest players in the oil industry is Tony Petrello. He currently serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of a huge oil drilling company called Nabors Industries Ltd. The company is known for having the largest oil drilling operation on land anywhere in the world. The company generates billions of dollars and it has 29,000 employees. Tony Petrello has been a huge factor in the growth of the company since he was hired in 1991. The company was basically on life support when Petrello came aboard. A decade of recessions and mismanagement by the previous regime had led to the revenue of the company going steadily downward. Tony injected a new enthusiasm into the working environment at Nabors. He helped to change the culture of the company.


Petrello has two math degrees from Yale and a Harvard law degree. He spent a dozen years working for the Baker and McKenzie law firm in the Big Apple. He then resigned and moved over to Nabors where he remains today. He has taken the oil and gas drilling company in a much different direction than it was in before he was hired. He created a process by which new employees were hired. This has drastically reduced the amount of turnover throughout the organization as a whole. Nabors had a big problem with training new employees and having them quit a short time later. This was a waste of resources that Anthony Petrello put a stop to for the most part.

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Why Chris Burch is More than Fashion

The name Chris Burch is generally connected to Tory Burch but now it’s a household name among those who want to try out the best resort in the world. Burch, known as a fashion mogul has now dipped his hand in the waters of hospitality along with his entrepreneurial gifting. Working with James McBride, a hotelier, Burch has now turned a beach hostel into what is now referred to as the best resort in the world. This resort is known as Nihiwatu, located on a remote island in Indonesia.

The hostel on the island of Sumba was purchased back in 2012, and was renovated with only the very best, with an investment between both men totaling more than $30 million dollars. This modest beach hostel was reopened as a stellar five star resort that was opened for business in 2015. This new resort has been deemed the best resort in the world by Travel and Leisure magazine and continues to gain popularity with those who are seeking the celebrity life getaway.   More of this on

Burch was interviewed by Business Jet Traveler in 2015, and the interview shed light on why Burch took the leap to make the investment in the property. Burch said in the interview, “I bought it for my children and as a piece of something that I hope we can preserve and give back to the community. When you’re in a place where the palette is so beautiful, you can do things that you can’t do in other places: build a spa under a waterfall, go to places where no others have been, have a butler in every room.”

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Chris Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital, actively investing in numerous opportunities that he believes that will not only help change the world but also create jobs and benefit the economy. Burch has an endless devotion to branding and building brands, and is a great source of knowledge when attacking the sales and marketing arena. Related article on

Burch is also the co-founder of Tory Burch, with his wife Tory. The Tory Burch line includes clothing as well as shoes, handbags, and other items in women’s designer clothing items.   For more of Burch, visit

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