Equities First Holdings journey to financial freedom

Financial stability is the pillar for economic growth of many countries globally. As such, many people have developed interest in the financial sector by investing in stock exchange to secure financial stability. Many firms have also ventured and are investing in the financial borrowing and lending. Equities First is a leading firm that thrives in ensuring stock borrowers get the financial assistance first. This has been necessitated by the ability to lend financial borrowers and who use collaterals to get loans. They offer easy and first working capital loans to investors compared to financial institutions. This is because the financial institutions and banking sectors have increased the lending rates making people look for alternative funding. Equities First specializes in stock-based loans which has seen many stock borrowers have received loans with low-interest rates. The repayment periods are also flexible given that a borrower uses his stock as collateral and market fluctuations during loan repayment doesn’t affect his operation. This is because the influx of market prices or depreciation does not adversely affect the loan repayment. People intending to start small and medium size businesses can easily access working capital from Equities First. The terms of repayment and acquiring the loans have been revised to suit the low income earning people intending to invest.

Many people have benefited from stock-based loans because they are not tied down to the intended cause. People can take the loans and invest in other field irrespective of the agreement. Compared to other loans from financial institutions and banks where applicants are made to use the money on the intended purpose. Equities First was established in 2002 and has seen many people grow their businesses from the low-interest loans offered by the company. Due to the flexibility of the lending terms, the company has transacted over 1.4billion dollars from peoples across the world who have invested greatly in the stock-based loans. Equities First holding encourages borrowers to use stocks to acquire working capital by getting the loans that low fixed interest rate despite the prevailing market conditions. This has also made it open branches in other countries and sign contracts with organizations globally.

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