The Better The Villain, The Better The Police


Movie villains are dime a dozen. But the BEST movie villains of all time, not so much. A great movie villain will elicit emotion, from anger to hate and everything in between. But who are those best movie villains, the ones you love to hate? Hannibal Lector with his cannibalistic nature immediately jumps to the forefront.

Darth Vader is also a well-drawn villain. One who put the vile in villain is from Schindler’s List, Amon Goeth. Even though we didn’t get confirmation for quite some time, James Cromwell’s Dudley Smith in L.A. Confidential oozed villain all the way through. The story of Keyser Soze in the Usual Suspects was top notch but the reveal of Keyser took his villainy to another level. Heath Ledger’s Joker, nothing else needs to be said about that.


There are some good police movies out there. But what turns a police movie from good to best? A movie like Seven wasn’t your typical cop movie but it’s one of the best Morgan Freeman movies around. The aforementioned L.A. Confidential is rich in story but character development is what nails it. Single character police movies, The French Connection and Dirty Harry are two of the best police movies on film. Going back a few years, In The Heat Of The Night ranks up at the top. More recently, The Green Mile is a different kind of police story, but one of the best.


Whichever way you like your villain or police movie served, perhaps with a nice chianti, there are many powerful and compelling ones to choose from.