Kate Hudson Ropes in Demi Lovato for Fabletics’ New Limited Edition Collection

Many fashion retail companies are trying hard to gain the significant market share of the booming fashion industry. As more and more customers tend to buy most of their clothes online, it is only natural for more fashion retail companies to surface on the internet. Even though the majority of the market share to the extent of over 20 percent in the online fashion retail market is held by Amazon so far, one of the new fashion start-ups named Fabletics has been able to give it a tough competition.


Fabletics is a subsidiary company of TechStyle Fashion Group, which is co-owned by Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg, and Kate Hudson. The popularity and worldwide fan following of Kate Hudson helped make Fabletics an aspirational brand and get it that much-needed hype to penetrate the mostly saturated online fashion space.


The company that started as a fashion startup is now well-established with an annual turnover of $250 million in 2016 and is maintaining the growth rate of over 30 percent since its inception in 2013. Kate Hudson has helped craft many unique and effective marketing campaigns for Fabletics that has assisted in building Fabletics brand consumers from all backgrounds and ages can relate to.


Kate Hudson recently roped in Demi Lovato, a famous America songwriter, actress, and singer to collaborate on a limited edition single capsule collection inspired by her. Demi Lovato is a familiar face among the teenagers as well as the young adults, and the collection inspired and designed by her influence is surely something people are excited for since the announcement of the selection was made to the public. One of the reasons why Demi Lovato was chosen for collaboration with Fabletics for the new upcoming collection was the huge fan following and the inspirational life of Demi Lovato. She started her career at a very young age, and even after a lot of challenges and struggles on both professional and personal front, she managed to dominate her life and overcome the obstacles. It is precisely the message Fabletics, a highly popular athleisure brand, aims to give out to the audience.


Fabletics is known for its unique VIP membership model and presently enjoys the loyalty of over 1.2 million members in 8 countries. The count continues to increase exponentially with the new collection being launched every month and growing brand awareness not only in the country but the overseas market as well. The company offers fitness clothing for all body sizes, starting from XXS to 3X. It helps people from all age groups and body sizes to get designer fitness clothing. Moreover, Fabletics offer personalized shopping experience to all its VIP members as per their design and color preferences as well as lifestyle.


Fabletics presently has 18 stores all over the country and plans to open much more in the next few years. The reverse showroom technique implemented by Fabletics helped the brand to penetrate the market further and keep the growth momentum, even after the heavy competition. For people looking to experience what Fabletics has to offer, taking the Lifestyle Quiz at the company’s official website is highly recommended.

Fabletics Ushers in a New Era of E-Commerce Fashion

In recent years, the fashion e-commerce market has been dominated by Amazon. But somehow, despite all the obstacles, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is succeeding where others have failed. Launched in 2014, Fabletics has quickly become a $250 million business.

It used to be that high-value brands were identified by price and quality of the products or services. But in today’s society, consumers care more about the extra mile that companies are willing to go. Just having a quality product at a fair price is no longer enough to succeed in a competitive market.

Not only has Fabletics found to compete and succeed in the e-commerce market, the company has recently begun opening physical stores. Like other popular brands such as Apple, Fabletics is exploring the benefits of physical stores. So far, Fabletics has only sixteen stores in major cities across the U.S.

Sixteen doesn’t sound like a big number, but taking into account how many other brands don’t survive such a progressive step, Fabletics is right on track with 16 stores. Most brands that try to open physical stores are “killed” by “showrooming.” That’s when customers browse a store’s inventory before going home and buying the desired item(s) online from somewhere cheaper.

Rather than fight against local showrooming, Fabletics has introduced “reverse showrooming.” They’ve figured out a way to turn a negative into a positive. Reversing the typical model goes hand-in-hand with the way they started out. Fabletics actually encourages visitors to browse around.

This strategy enables them to build and strengthen customer relationships and get to know the local markets better. By hosting events and other activities open to the public, Fabletics has ensured that most of their visitors are already members. Those who aren’t members, about one-fourth of them, become members in store.

Another strategy used by Fabletics is information other than online data. While online data does play a role in their physical stores’ success, they also rely on personal customer feedback. They set up their stores in a way that embraces their local members.

Fabletics also does its best to create a positive atmosphere for its members. The in store culture that Fabletics has created was designed specifically for the customer. Everything Fabletics does in its physical retail stores goes toward providing every consumer with the perfect shopping experience, whether it’s online or offline.

Fabletics is a brand that prides itself on member satisfaction. When new members join, they first have to fill out a short survey. The survey details things like the types of workouts and styles they prefer. After the survey is processed, at the beginning of every month, workout outfits are handpicked and showcased for the member to choose from.

Every about Fabletics is on the up and up. The quality of their products is superb. The styles are beyond what anyone would actually expect from a membership brand. The prices are more than fair.

Don Ressler Taking Fabletics To Its Highest Level

Most people know Kate Hudson for her acting career, but what so many still are surprisingly unaware of is the fact that she is also the creator of an awesome brand of athletic and athleisure wear known as Fabletics with the help of the brilliant Don Ressler. Wanting to make affordable and comfortable athletic fashion, Hudson teamed with Ressler and in a matter of three very fast moving years, Fabletics has become international, made up of thousands of employees, more than a million VIP members, and 18 physical stores outside of their website where they first began.

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We all know who Kate Hudson is, but it’s time to flip the attention on to the other inspiring mind involved in the creation of these fantastic clothes. Don Ressler has been interested in the health and wellness industry for an extremely long life, embodying its spirit with his wife Ginger for much of his life. Despite his awareness of quality athletic wear, he knew that there was quite a bit lacking in the area od afforabaility and fashion forward sportswear that would make more people, especially women, able to have more fun and confidence in the area of getting more involved with their own health and wellness, as well as be something comfortable and attractive that they could wear all day through every event in their lives.

As the Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Fabletics, Don Ressler currently works and lives out of California in Los Angeles. He believes fully that the most important thing in business is working with people who share the same vision, and when he met with Kate Hudson he was sure that their business goals on apparelnews.net meshed perfectly together. The entrepreneurial spirit is something that Ressler holds at utmost importance, and having come to embody it himself makes for no wonder how he has managed to achieve so much in his life time through much hard work, discipline, bold steps into an inspired future which he aspires for every day, and creative innovation that never quits. Don Ressler is the business brilliance behind Fabletics we all love.

Source: https://centraljerseyworkingmoms.com/how-does-don-ressler-run-justfab-and-fabletics/

How Fabletics Is Making A Difference in The Active Fashionwear World

Though running your own startup online activewear fashion business sounds like a dream come true for women who love staying fit (and looking good while they do it), the reality is that online fashion is a very challenging business model. Today, the expectations are high for any new e-commerce fashion startup and the competition is fierce.


The expectation is that today’s new online companies will go to great lengths to attract regular customers. Startup companies must offer last mile service, great customer experiences and unique brand appeal. With Amazon now taking a 20 percent share of the fashion market online, doing any less than this adds up to a less than competitive business.


Fabletics Garners a Place For Itself



The Fabletics activewear company is one of the brands that is breaking through in the intensely competitive e-commerce fashion industry, however. The company, which was co-founded by actress Kate Hudson. is breaking through in a big way, and with major results. The latest report shows Fabletics with a value of $250 million, after just three years in business.


What’s the secret behind this company’s success story? Fabletics is an aspirational brand that is highly attractive to women who are committed to taking care of themselves by staying active, and who want to look great while they’re working on their own fitness.


The founders of Fabletics had the insight to see that there’s a huge market out there for good looking, comfortable workout fashion that can also be worn while at work or at social events. This aspect of the brand is hugely appealing to women who are really on the go, and who want clothes they can wear for a trip to the gym or for a run without having to change constantly.


The other appealing aspect of this line is its truly affordable price point. Fabletics is priced for working women at all economic levels, so it has a broad range appeal. This aspect of the brand gives it a wide customer range that is very appealing for women at all socio-economic levels. This isn’t a brand that’s narrowly focused on an upscale customer base, and this strategy is proving to be highly successful.


Building a Subscriber Base


Another innovation from the Fabletics brand is the VIP subscription service. This service gives subscribers a choice of monthly fashion picks from the brand, curated by Kate Hudson. Fabletics asks customers to fill out a questionnaire about their habits and workout preferences, so the clothing is geared to those choices. The subscriber base is showing great enthusiasm for this approach, and for the appeal of Ms. Hudson as well.


Fabletics plans on continuing to grow its customer base in the days to come. With so much success already having been achieved, there’s no doubt this brand will continue to power on forward with great looking activewear that’s available to women everywhere who crave great looking workout gear.