Dr. Avi Wiesfogel Solves Sleep Apnea Menace through his Dental Practice

Dr. Wiesfogel is the owner of Dental Sleep Masters. He is well known for his research and advancements in the area of sleep disorders and treatment. His dental practice known as Old Bridge Dental care was established in the year 1999 where he was the managing the office for more than a decade and a half during which he was able to earn a lot of accolades from the community. Many times he has won the accolade of being the best dentist. It was during this period of his active dental practice that he began exploring the field of sleep disorders and how dentists can help improve patient’s conditions. This lead him to found the healthy heart sleep which is a company that works in conjunction with physicians to ensure that that they can come up with effective sleep management of sleep labs.

In the same spirit, Dr. Avi Wiesfogel started a training session or program for dentists in 2012 where he specializes in teaching dentist about the best ways of serving and increasing sleep patients through the Unlimited sleep patient program. This was followed by the establishment of Dental Sleep Masters whose mandate was to equip dentist with further knowledge on how they can best assist dentists to serve patients suffering from sleep disorders by applying oral medication.

He achieved the above thanks to his academic qualification. Avi has a BA in biology and psychology from Rutgers University College of Dentistry. Being the owner of Dental Sleep Master, he has been able to dig deep into matters of sleep disorder and carry out extensive research. It is the information that the Dr. Avi uses to identify and recommend the appropriate treatment to patients that need it. He also passes information that can help prevent the occurrence of sleep apnea.

Although risk factors are not dependent on age, the chances of being affected increase with more weight and an advancement in age. The excess fats on the patients interfere with the passage of air and thus proving problematic.

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