What Adam Milstein Has Done For The Jewish People

Much more than a real estate investor, Adam Milstein advocates for Jewish people from all over the globe. He has worked with many organizations and groups that are aimed at helping Jewish people and spreading awareness over issues that face them. Some of the groups that he works with are Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. This foundation works with Jewish students in different parts of the world gain more knowledge about their heritage and Israel. This foundation is something that he and his wife are truly passionate about and because of them have given opportunities for young Jewish students to understand more about themselves and their heritage.


Along with the Adam and Gile Milstein Foundation, he has also created the Israeli-American Council. The Israeli-American Council aims to help with the bond between Israel and the United States. His hope is that this council can expand and one day have an effect on the foreign policies that affect Israel and Jewish People. His work with the Jewish People is immeasurable.


Born in Israel, Adam Milstein spent his younger years in different parts of Israel and went on to become a part of the armed forces. He earned degrees while he was in Israel and worked with his father, who was also in real estate. It was not until the early 80’s that he moved to the United States with his wife and began his life here. He continued his education in the United States and worked hard to achieve his Masters in Business Administration at USC. After graduating he began his real estate career in the United States which became extremely successful.


Through his successful career, he was able to create resources to fund his many endeavors to support the Jewish people. With his resources and efforts, he has been able to create opportunities for Jewish people that they would not have had otherwise. He has spread knowledge and awareness to the young Jewish people and helped to get them more active and interested in their heritage. Adam Milstein has donated a lot of his time and money into helping his people in many different ways and plans on continuing this help for as long as he can.


Eric Pulier’s Achievements

Eric Pulier is a very unique person. Despite his young age, he has accomplished so much in his career. He is an entrepreneur, technologist, columnist, public speaker, writer, donor, and the founder of various companies. He operates from Los Angeles, California.


He has amassed a lot of wealth from companies he has founded such as Digital Evolution, Media Platform, Desktone, and ServiceMesh among others. Also, he has invested in several venture capital funds. He also teams up with different charitable organizations.


Background and Education


Eric was born and brought up in Teaneck, New Jersey. He attended Teaneck High School between 1980 and 1984. While in high school, he began his database computer company. He then joined Harvard University, where he graduated in 1988 with a BA. He was an editor and regularly wrote columns for The Harvard Crimson.


Eric is married and has four children.


Entrepreneurial Journey


Eric went to live in Los Angeles in 1991 and started a company called People Doing Things (PDT). The company used technology to address issues in the health care and education among other sectors. He then started an interactive agency company called Digital Evolution in 1994. In 1998, the company joined with US Interactive LLC.


Another important revolutionary startup by Eric is XPrize. The program involves competitions and prizes for those people who work to their fullest potential. This program was aimed and encouraging people to work towards achieving their dreams.


Another important achievement by Eric is Akana. He developed an SOA software program and got several other SOA vendors. Rogue Wave Software bought the company in 2016 after it had grown to become a strong suite of POA solutions.


Eric has also written a book called Understanding Enterprise SOA. He also writes for Forbes.


Eric once said that he writes down ideas that he may have any time of the day. Writing such ideas down enables him to expand them later. Writing is important as it ensures that no idea is lost.


Philanthropic activity


Eric Pullier supports various non-profit organizations. He is a board member of Painted Turtle a camp for kids suffering from chronic illnesses. He donates his money and spends his time to children with special medical needs. He uses his tech skills to develop programs to enhance the social interaction of such children.