Honey Birdette Will Spark a Romance With Lingerie in Your Life

Honey Birdette is about making their clients feel not only comfortable in their skin but sexy in their skin, Whether you shop their collections online or on their online stores, you will find the intimate item that will make you feel sexy and confident. Honey Birdette was founded by Eloise Monaghan in 2006 and t has grown substantially since them. There are 55 Honey Birdette boutiques in Australia and they are expanding into the UK.

Honey Birdette has recently had to launch a new website in order to keep up with the high demand for their product from their US customers shopping their products online. The new site will accommodate the high demand as ell as give their US customers a better shopping experience. The new site will offer free shipping on orders over $50, easier returns, and faster shipping.

Honey Birdette is planning to expand into the UK more and already has boutiques located in London’s Covent Garden, and one in Leeds’ Victoria Gate and one located in Westfield White City. Honey Birdette is planning to expand to 40 stores by the end of next year. Honey Birdette is also planning to expand into Europe as well as the United States.

Honey Birdette was thought up when friends had had enough of the lack of variety and choice when it came to their intimate apparel. Honey Birdette is unlike your average lingerie store and you can sip champagne as you shop. They’re always adding new items to their collections and will impress you with not only the variety that they offer but the assortment of things to choose from that you have never considered before. Whether you are into S&M items, massage candles, lacy lingerie, or leather cuffs and harnesses, you will find something to spice up any relationship.

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