Clay Siegall and the Idea of Improving Genetics

Dogs have a better sense of smell than human beings. They have modifications such as having million of olfactory receptors, two separate routes in their snouts for sniffing and breathing while elaborate bones in their nose hold many olfactory receptors. Dogs use their highly sensitive olfactory to locate substances that may seem odorless to humans.

In California, nearly 500 hospitals and health systems, more than 100 hospice organizations and 80 percent of insurers participate in aid-in-dying laws. The laws allow dying patients to ask their doctors for a lethal prescription which they can take home. However, finding a doctor with the will to prescribe some life-ending drugs has been difficult for a number of patients as the state’s law allows doctors to opt out of prescribing.

Clay Siegall, aged 55 years, is the co-founder of Seattle Genetics Inc. He has been its chief executive officer since November 2002 and president as from June 2000. Clay Siegall holds a Ph.D. in Genetics from the George Washington University and Bachelor of Science in zoology from Maryland University. He is also an author with over seventy published works and holds five patents. He has worked for a number of research organizations before becoming the chief executive officer of Seattle Genetics Inc.

Doctor Siegall has grown up with a goal of treating cancer patients. He was determined to improve tools available to oncologists. After his Ph.D., he worked for Bristol -Myers Squibb in their pharmaceutical research institute; this is what brought him to Seattle. This is where he learned how to run a company.

Clay Siegall has been passionate about improving the lives of cancer patients after starting his career in biomedical studies. He has led the company to developments in cancer research and therapies for cancer patients. Among other contributions to Seattle Genetics, he has helped the company in accessing financial support, growing it to another level.

He also has contributions in the field of cancer research. He has promised to unleash twelve new cancer drugs. Seattle Genetics has managed to create anti-body based therapies for cancer patients with doctor Clay Siegall’s directions.


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