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In this seven-minute video titled “Ombre Pink Hair” from the hair adventures of the wonderful world of Wengie, the bubbly Wengie reports from her living room to show us how to get temporary ombre pink hair.

Wengie uses an inexpensive product called Schwarzkopf Live Color Ultra Brights on her dark blonde locks and warns the audience that their individual results may vary based on the color of their hair. She also mentions that the dye is meant for those with blonde to light brown hair. Before opening and mixing the product, Wengie notes that the color is temporary and is meant to last around eight shampoos. While mixing the product ingredients, our host notes that the dye is a deep magenta-pink.

As Wengie is attempting an ombre effect with her color, she only uses one box of dye to color two long sections of hair, and then blends the product upward to reduce the look of a stark contrast. She notes that those with longer or thicker hair may wish to use two boxes of color. Though the directions on the box recommends leaving the product on for around 15 minutes, Wengie leaves it on for a full half-hour in order to deepen the color.

Wengie’s result was bright, cheerful pink hair with a gorgeous ombre effect. Wengie reports that she rates the product as a nine on a scale of one to ten and recommends it over hair chalk. She announces that she plans to try the Schwarzkopf Live Color Ultra Brights in Electric Blue once the pink washes out, and urges the audience to “Make life beautiful.”


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