Why Betsy Devos Is The Right Choice For Secretary Of Education

Personal life

Betsy DeVos was born in 1959 to Edgar Prince in Holland, Michigan. She is the present Secretary of Education in Donald Trump’s government. Apart from being a politician, Betsy is also philanthropist and a business lady. Her father, Edgar Prince, is a billionaire and owner of an automobile parts dealer based in their home town.

Betsy attended Holland Christian High School. She is an alumnus of Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan from where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Political Science. Her interest in politics started while in college.

DeVos is a devout Christian and is a member of the Christian Reformed church in North America. She is also a fellow and elder in Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids. She has also regularly given donations to her former school, Holland Christian High.

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Betsy is a longtime member of the Republican Party. She is popular for her activism in the education sector, which I think led to President Trump entrusting her with the education docket. From 1992 through 1997, she served as a Republican Committeewoman for Michigan. Additionally, she chaired the Michigan branch of the Republican Party between 1996 and 2000, reclaiming the post in 2003 via re-election.

The DeVos’ have for long used their financial muscle to support Republican candidates in past elections. They were on the forefront in Bush’s reelection campaign in 2004, and also donated significant amounts of money towards the campaign. Betsy served as Finance Chairman for the National Republican Senatorial committee under Bush’s presidency.

Advocacy in Education

I cannot go without acknowledging the efforts that Betsy DeVos and her family have put in the education sector in this country. In 2000, they sponsored an initiative that would have amended Michigan’s constitution to allow the public to fund private and religious education centers. The proposal was, however, defeated with over 60% voting against.

The family did not give up on their efforts to improve the education sector even after their petition was shot down. They founded the Great Lakes Education Project, an education reforms activists that endorses pro-reform legislation and conducts awareness campaigns to advocate for reforms.

While I have just mentioned a few of the initiatives Betsy has taken to support education, I think that her nomination to the cabinet will put her even in a stronger position to push for the reforms that our education sectors needs so urgently.


Betsy and her husband started a charity foundation which they serve as chairs. The foundation is renowned for supporting school choice in their home state. The charity also donates money to Education Freedom Fund, an organization that avails scholarships to children from less fortunate backgrounds.

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How Fabletics Is Making A Difference in The Active Fashionwear World

Though running your own startup online activewear fashion business sounds like a dream come true for women who love staying fit (and looking good while they do it), the reality is that online fashion is a very challenging business model. Today, the expectations are high for any new e-commerce fashion startup and the competition is fierce.


The expectation is that today’s new online companies will go to great lengths to attract regular customers. Startup companies must offer last mile service, great customer experiences and unique brand appeal. With Amazon now taking a 20 percent share of the fashion market online, doing any less than this adds up to a less than competitive business.


Fabletics Garners a Place For Itself



The Fabletics activewear company is one of the brands that is breaking through in the intensely competitive e-commerce fashion industry, however. The company, which was co-founded by actress Kate Hudson. is breaking through in a big way, and with major results. The latest report shows Fabletics with a value of $250 million, after just three years in business.


What’s the secret behind this company’s success story? Fabletics is an aspirational brand that is highly attractive to women who are committed to taking care of themselves by staying active, and who want to look great while they’re working on their own fitness.


The founders of Fabletics had the insight to see that there’s a huge market out there for good looking, comfortable workout fashion that can also be worn while at work or at social events. This aspect of the brand is hugely appealing to women who are really on the go, and who want clothes they can wear for a trip to the gym or for a run without having to change constantly.


The other appealing aspect of this line is its truly affordable price point. Fabletics is priced for working women at all economic levels, so it has a broad range appeal. This aspect of the brand gives it a wide customer range that is very appealing for women at all socio-economic levels. This isn’t a brand that’s narrowly focused on an upscale customer base, and this strategy is proving to be highly successful.


Building a Subscriber Base


Another innovation from the Fabletics brand is the VIP subscription service. This service gives subscribers a choice of monthly fashion picks from the brand, curated by Kate Hudson. Fabletics asks customers to fill out a questionnaire about their habits and workout preferences, so the clothing is geared to those choices. The subscriber base is showing great enthusiasm for this approach, and for the appeal of Ms. Hudson as well.


Fabletics plans on continuing to grow its customer base in the days to come. With so much success already having been achieved, there’s no doubt this brand will continue to power on forward with great looking activewear that’s available to women everywhere who crave great looking workout gear.

Equities First Holdings journey to financial freedom

Financial stability is the pillar for economic growth of many countries globally. As such, many people have developed interest in the financial sector by investing in stock exchange to secure financial stability. Many firms have also ventured and are investing in the financial borrowing and lending. Equities First is a leading firm that thrives in ensuring stock borrowers get the financial assistance first. This has been necessitated by the ability to lend financial borrowers and who use collaterals to get loans. They offer easy and first working capital loans to investors compared to financial institutions. This is because the financial institutions and banking sectors have increased the lending rates making people look for alternative funding. Equities First specializes in stock-based loans which has seen many stock borrowers have received loans with low-interest rates. The repayment periods are also flexible given that a borrower uses his stock as collateral and market fluctuations during loan repayment doesn’t affect his operation. This is because the influx of market prices or depreciation does not adversely affect the loan repayment. People intending to start small and medium size businesses can easily access working capital from Equities First. The terms of repayment and acquiring the loans have been revised to suit the low income earning people intending to invest.

Many people have benefited from stock-based loans because they are not tied down to the intended cause. People can take the loans and invest in other field irrespective of the agreement. Compared to other loans from financial institutions and banks where applicants are made to use the money on the intended purpose. Equities First was established in 2002 and has seen many people grow their businesses from the low-interest loans offered by the company. Due to the flexibility of the lending terms, the company has transacted over 1.4billion dollars from peoples across the world who have invested greatly in the stock-based loans. Equities First holding encourages borrowers to use stocks to acquire working capital by getting the loans that low fixed interest rate despite the prevailing market conditions. This has also made it open branches in other countries and sign contracts with organizations globally.

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Betting on the Super Bowl the Right Way

There is no two week period in sports more exciting than the one leading up to the Super Bowl. The NFL is the most popular sports league in America for a reason and it’s because EVERYONE gears up for the big game: fans, casuals, gamblers and even sport-haters. With all of the excitement it can be easy to get lost in the whirl, failing to place your bets when you need to in order to get the big win coming down to you. Today we are going to talk about how you can use Covers.com in order to maximize your Super Bowl betting odds and earnings.

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Next up you are going to want to investigate the different parlays that are available to take advantage of. Parlays are scenarios that you can tack on to your basic bet in order to improve your pay out. For example, if you gamble on a kickoff return for a touchdown in the first quarter — and it happens — you are going to be one of the few to make that bet, thus getting you a nice cash payout when it’s all said and done.

Reviewing The Contribution Of Penelope Kokkinides And Rick Shinto To InnovaCare Health

Healthcare provision in many countries is solely handled by the government and very few organs are left in the hands of the private companies. However, this may not be the best idea since the desired quality of care may not be handled by the government. The private healthcare industry has grown over the years with the introduction of new firms and new methods of dealing with problems.

When the government introduce Medicare Advantage, it opened new doors for private companies to venture into the field. Many companies that have invested in the area well are today established and performing well due to the huge number of clients served.

InnovaCare Health enjoys great support from users due to the high quality services the company offers. Incepted over 10years ago, InnovaCare Health went through a series of changes in leadership before the company landed in the hands of Rick Shinto, the CEO and President. Good leadership and insightful control has allowed InnovaCare Health to claim a bigger share of the market in the last five years.

About Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

InnovaCare Health has been built by many professionals, but the effort that Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto put to developing the company cannot be overlooked. Rick Shinto is a graduate of medicine from the State University of Arizona.

He also holds an MBA from Redlands University and with his experience of over 20 years, he managed to author journals and articles supporting the development of unique and high quality healthcare systems.

He has been working on building InnovaCare Health since he joined the company to serve as the President and CEO in 2012. Rick Shinto enjoys the support and guidance of Penelope Kokkinides and the duo previously worked together at Aveta Inc from 2008 to 2012.

When they joined InnovaCare Health, they brought new energy and insight that has been steering the company to rank among the most established in the region.

InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is a managed healthcare provider that serves the Puerto Rico. It currently stands among the best in the country and has managed to come up with new methods of tackling problems. InnovaCare Health works with established professionals who offer insight into the problems the company faces.

It is an established provider of Medicare Advantage plans with more than 200,000 users across North America. Most importantly, InnovaCare Health has been working on building a network that allows all clients to access easy support and better services.

Laidlaw And Company Financial Leaders

The world of investments has many different professions that populate its market. It is a field that requires many different skills due to the complex nature of it, thus many people that are in the business require help from others to accomplish their goals. For example, people that are looking to acquire another company do not accomplish this feat on their own. The work that is included within a mergers and acquisitions deal is something that requires an entire workforce to complete. This is due to the immense amount of research needed to be done about the target company so that the buyer understands what they are getting.


To get the job done most people look towards investment banks to get the help and professional advice that they need. These banks supply their clients with the research and analytic information needed in one of these deals. Along with this, they help to find the capital to complete the purchase and are instrumental in the negotiations. One of these investment banks is Laidlaw and Company. They have been around for 170 years and are a bank that is very committed to their clients. The bank as a whole has over 150 employees specializing in the necessary fields. Laidlaw has also made sure to set down an entrepreneurial atmosphere within the company to mimic the world that their clients are from. This gives them the competitive advantage that sets them apart from the rest of the competition in the field. Altogether they are a committed bank that is key to getting the job done for their clients in any financial job.

The Better The Villain, The Better The Police


Movie villains are dime a dozen. But the BEST movie villains of all time, not so much. A great movie villain will elicit emotion, from anger to hate and everything in between. But who are those best movie villains, the ones you love to hate? Hannibal Lector with his cannibalistic nature immediately jumps to the forefront.

Darth Vader is also a well-drawn villain. One who put the vile in villain is from Schindler’s List, Amon Goeth. Even though we didn’t get confirmation for quite some time, James Cromwell’s Dudley Smith in L.A. Confidential oozed villain all the way through. The story of Keyser Soze in the Usual Suspects was top notch but the reveal of Keyser took his villainy to another level. Heath Ledger’s Joker, nothing else needs to be said about that.


There are some good police movies out there. But what turns a police movie from good to best? A movie like Seven wasn’t your typical cop movie but it’s one of the best Morgan Freeman movies around. The aforementioned L.A. Confidential is rich in story but character development is what nails it. Single character police movies, The French Connection and Dirty Harry are two of the best police movies on film. Going back a few years, In The Heat Of The Night ranks up at the top. More recently, The Green Mile is a different kind of police story, but one of the best.


Whichever way you like your villain or police movie served, perhaps with a nice chianti, there are many powerful and compelling ones to choose from.


The Midas Legacy- Just Awesome to Help You Achieve your Life Goal

The Midas Legacy firm helps individuals meet their lifetime ambitions. Their location is in Winter Garden, Florida. They assist investors who want to improve how they manage their money as well as entrepreneurs who are working to have a better life. They are also ready to help with wealth, health, happiness, and to contribute towards improving sense of self-worth. This firm is admirable and is focused on the whole package of life. Not only do they assist manage finances but also what help people use their money as they intend.

The firm with a difference
The Midas Legacy helps entrepreneurs with their financial decisions for them to run successful trades and create employment opportunities for others to enable them to advance their lives. They are so helpful to persons who want to achieve success. What it does is to help people shape their lives. The firm stands out amongst other similar institutions because they are devoted to the other aspects of life that most organizations often ignore.

Among the various things they do to assist others is that they help them acquire skills on how they can develop disciplines in diverse parts of their existence. The Midas Legacy help individuals learn how they can find various opportunities so that they can work towards a better life. The aspect is vital because one may fail after trying something; but since the possibilities are numerous, they can try a different method. They employ experts who use their experience to encourage and teach people in various paths that they can take. The Midas Legacy has a mentorship program that they offer to their customers.

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Turning the millennial mindset into easy income

Get cash from your bank?

If anyone is looking for a general improvement of their lives, they will profit well from the investigation services provided by The Midas Legacy to their clients. They ensure that their consumers discover an effective plan and technique towards success in their preferred path.

They will always work with their customers from the very beginning. Wealth management has become easier for few people to do if they find the correct advisory board. That is exactly what The Midas Legacy has been doing all along. This firm has individuals with diverse areas of capability. Some of their experts help with matching natural medicines and cures. Other experts at Midas Legacy help in other fields like retirement planning. Considering the varied levels of know-how the experts working at Midas have, you are assured of success.

Keith Mann Creates Scholarship to Help Graduating Seniors with Education Expenses

It takes a lot of time, effort and making the right decisions in order to make an impact on the financial world. This is especially true for hedge fund managers and entrepreneurs. These professionals – when they do their job the right way – can create a tremendous amount of wealth. One New York entrepreneur who has managed to do so is Keith Mann. Known for his role as the Managing Director of Dynamic Search Partners, Mann has a background and education that enables him to provide his clients with the highest level of executive search services.

Mann is not only the Managing Director of Dynamic Search Partners; he also co-founded the firm. He has also built a reputation for being the kind of entrepreneur who is not afraid to give back to society. All the wealth and business success in the world doesn’t add up to much if the person with those resources doesn’t help to make the world better in his/her own unique way. Keith Mann has managed to stay successful in all of his business ventures, while still finding time to support worthy causes.

Of course, the best leaders in business realize that up-and-coming business professionals need help to get started on the right path. The Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement is Mann’s way of helping to make sure that students are able to attend college, and to ultimately become the next generation of entrepreneurs, business leaders and philanthropists this nation needs to make progress in the future. Mann teamed up with Uncommon Schools to create this scholarship. The recipient of this scholarship received $5,000 to use toward college education expenses.

New York is a city that is filled with people who have managed to make it to the top of their respective fields. Count Keith Mann to be among that elite group. By way of his company’s unique approach to executive search services and his ongoing charitable efforts, Mann has shown all the markings one would expect from the top performing business leaders in this nation and around the world.